Thank you Thomas Paine for this post.

Prof Desmet's facebook site is well worth attending for those who will discern or translate Dutch/



People will be aware that the mass formation syndrome Prof Desmet desccribes tends to induce the very hatred, fury and action against Prof Desmet himself for being aware of its presence.

This an exact feature of the mass formation syndrome which its victoims fail to notice they are displaying

Many of us have asked him not to respond the hysterical and insanity of the reaction against him

Academia and the Medical profession are the worst

here below letter of responxse I wrote to his column

>>I am happy that Prof Desmet turns the other cheek and is silent toward those who display the syndrome he described in his analysis of the Mass formation syndrome.

This syndrome as we know, takes hold of its subjects with such determination that is like a relentless and destructive addiction.

Adherence to the narrative within the mass formation is such that its disciples feel they must attack with vigour any person who can see reality and who openly states this reality.

Further, we now know that the application of finance toward self serving scientific papers, dissertations, and the selective peer review process does nothing to advance the value of science. Rather the reverse occurs within the peer review cathedral.

The advance of science and discovery by individuals is uniformly scorned, ridiculed and cancelled.

This is the result of the ludicrous concept of scientific consensus is woke, post modern conformity.

We might not remember who discovered the electric light bulb but we know it wasn’t a consensus of woke candle makers. Here we have Prof Desmet’s dilemma.

Here is a light of reality in the darkness which has been seen as obvious by hundreds of thousands of ordinary people around the world.

His academic and elitist academic brotherhood, the would be purveyors of all established truths would try and burn him. They did try. He ignored the fools mostly.

We cheer him on. From our seats at the common table of mankind we know exactly what is happening.

In a few years time Mattias Desmet will have advanced so much further.

His woke slavish critics though, will be together in the dustbin of relevance, seething with fury inside John Hopkins University, funds retracted and careers in tatters,.

Prosperity and goodness to Prof Desmet and all his family and friends; and we look forward to his future work .

Sincerely Paul Scott New Zealand

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Interesting post. I enjoyed your logic.

It makes even more sense when you see something like this https://www.dailywire.com/news/sure-sounds-higher-than-5-elon-musk-quips-as-report-says-that-80-of-twitter-accounts-are-fake

Who is running all the fake accounts? They are clearly using them to sway public opinion/fear/cause mass formation.

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