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Hi John, I heard you speak briefly on Matt Taibbi's Callin show, and was interested in checking out your writing. After reading this series on crypto I'm looking forward to poking through your writing a bit more. I think we have a few similar interests and I'd be really interested in comparing notes on and discussing crypto and the intersection of tech and politics with you. I'm not a writer but I've written a few essays over the last year and a half or so to try and make sense of what I'm seeing develop and I think we're in similar places at the moment. If you'd ever like to chat or exchange emails please feel free to drop me a line or share your contact info at: drew@drewalderfer.com Hope this finds you well, and would love to chat or share some writing at some point. All the best, Drew

p.s. I apologize for posting this in your comments section. Didn't see an email or way to DM. Feel free to delete if you'd like to clear it out for any reason.

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